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White Fillings, Crowns, Bridges and CEREC

If you or your family members are in need of a new general dentist offering CEREC in Edmonton, you can call River City Dental. From young children to teenagers and adults, we see members of the whole family and provide a wide range of treatments. Our services include preventative dental care and restorative procedures.


River City Dental is educated and capable of using CEREC, a modern computer system that utilizes machines and allows us to make your crown/onlay/restoration right here in the office. This can be cemented in your mouth on the spot, meaning that the entire procedure takes place all in one appointment.

Dental bridges

Dental Bridges

When you are missing teeth, a dental bridge acts as an artificial tooth that can fill in the gap. It restores missing teeth by using the surrounding teeth (or implants) as anchors and acting as a literal bridge between them.

Dental Crowns

For teeth that have been broken, worn down or decayed, crowns act as a cap that fits over the affected tooth. These give the appearance of a natural tooth, and Dr. Zarsky and Dr. Burnett can match the appearance of the crown to the surrounding teeth for a natural look. When properly maintained, a crown can last for many years.

Dental crowns
dentist showing Dental implant

Dental Implants

As with bridges and crowns, implants can fill in gaps in your smile by offering a long-term replacement for missing teeth. Implants are anchored to your jaw using a titanium root, allowing your dentist to create a tooth that matches your natural teeth and prevents your jawbone from resorbing.

Digital X-Ray

River City Dental uses the latest in Intraoral Digital technology. With these modern digital sensors, we attain a higher-quality digital image to better aid in our diagnosis, in turn raising the standard of your treatment.

Digital X-Ray machine


At River City Dental, we only use white filling material. Made of composite resin, white fillings match the natural colour of your teeth and are an excellent option for cavities of almost any size. White fillings are strong, stain-resistant and require less removal of your tooth structure than amalgam fillings.

Night Guards

Night guards, sometimes called occlusal splints, are removable apparatuses that our dentists create specifically for your teeth (upper or lower). Commonly, a night guard is needed to prevent bruxism (grinding or clenching of the teeth and jaw), which can result in pain and worn-out teeth. We create night guards with durable materials and customize them to fit snugly and securely on your teeth.

Night Guards
Doctor examining patient's teeth with intraoral camera

Precise Intra-Oral Imaging

We are proud to use an intraoral camera that is currently the #1 choice in dentistry. The IRIS 2.0 by Digidoc is a precision optical camera that produces the finest in picture quality when we take detailed images of an individual tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is needed when the central tissue (nerve) of a tooth is affected by decay or becomes infected. This simple treatment can save your natural teeth and prevent the need for dental implants or bridges.

Are you ready to get started? Contact River City Dental today to schedule your appointment.

X-Ray Negative Tooth Endodontic
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